10 Tips for Moving During the Holidays


The holidays can be quite chaotic, but throwing moving into the mix and they can be absolute madness. If you and your family are planning on relocating during the holidays, follow these helpful tips to make things run as smooth as possible:

1) Chart Your Route 
Know exactly where you’re going and avoid places that may be hard to drive in during the cold weather. Having a strategic route and plan of action will make the day run smoothly.

2) Hire Professionals 
Moving can be crazy, but moving during this time of year can be a nightmare. Ease your stress and anxieties by putting your moving needs in the care of professionals.

3) Stay Organized 
Make sure to be incredibly organized while packing. It helps to label each box that you have by the room that it will be in when you unpack it.

4) Pad Your Schedule 
Moving will always take a little longer than you think. Put some extra time into your plan so that any detours or mishaps that happen along the way won’t throw off the entire thing.

5) Keep Your Family Fed 
Moving will inevitably lead to grouchy kids and maybe even a grouchy spouse, so be sure t pack snacks! Keeping everyone well fed will keep the spirits up.

6) Don’t Forget About Your Pets 
If your pet cannot travel, look into shipping methods to get them to your new location. If your pet is too much to handle in the wake of moving, board them or keep them with a friend until you are settled.

7) Don’t Skip Over the Holiday 
Although your focus will be primarily on moving and getting yourself situated, don’t forget to take some time to celebrate the holidays. Do not let the stress of your move overpower the spirit of the holiday season.

8) Plan for Snow 
The weather around this time of year is unpredictable, so hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Plan on snow, sleet, ice, and bad road conditions.

9) Avoid Holidays 
The last thing you want to do is move all of your belongings on a day like Christmas or Thanksgiving where the roads are going tore packed. Try to pick an off day during the holiday season to make the big move.

10) Make a List 
Having a grand master list of everything you are going to need will help you to coordinate your big day. This list will give you peace of mind, not to mention how great you will feel when you check off one “to do” at a time.

If you are moving during the holidays, don’t panic! Just follow these tips and you are sure to see holiday moving success.