Month: March 2016

Top 8 Tour Guides in the World

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The best tour guides take their clients off the beaten path. If you’ve already seen Buckingham Palace, they won’t waste your time. They have private access to museums and hotels. They get to know your likes and dislikes. A few get down and dirty—in Barcelona, Spain, tours conducted by homeless people expose the grim reality […]

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6 Adventure Ideas for a Fishing Charter


If you love fishing and are looking for a new vacation idea for you and your friends or even a family bonding experience – fishing charters can be a great adventure.  There are many different areas of the world to experience, with knowledgeable fishing guides to help you along the way.  Of course you can’t […]

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The Most Popular Anime Collectibles


Anime, as defined by Wikipedia, is Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation. It has grown in popularity since the turn of the millennium; its rise in fame has generated an increase in the memorabilia that accompanies it. A large reason many fans adore anime as much as they do is for the live action cosplay or […]

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Gelatin Capsules vs. Vegetarian Capsules


Although vegetarian capsules and gelatin capsules look the same, there are a wide variety of differences that should be taken into consideration. Capsules carry many benefits for a person who chooses to use them. A few of these benefits include being easier to swallow when compared to tablets, being tasteless, having the ability to dissolve […]

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Five Important Facts About Anesthesia Management


Anesthesia has come a long way since opium poppy was first used in medicine over 4,000 years ago. No two patients are alike, and everyone reacts differently to medication. That’s why your anesthesiologist puts you through rigorous questioning before he or she concocts a recipe for you. Although anesthesia is largely safe, it isn’t without […]

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5 Surprising Diversity Policy Shifts on the Horizon

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More and more companies are realizing the operational and organizational benefits of diversity policies. Encouraging and embracing different cultures and viewpoints drives innovation, increases employee productivity and lowers employee turnover rates. Here are five remarkable changes being made in diversity policies across various industries. Beyond Compliance Many companies originally approached diversity from a compliance perspective. […]

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