Month: November 2018

7 Benefits of Medical Marijuana


With medical marijuana laws being passed so often these days, the debate around medical marijuana and its efficacy is still a flash point issue. However, many people are unaware of the studies coming out every day about the benefits of marijuana and its potential in the medical field. Here are seven of the most helpful […]

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6 Reasons to Move in the Winter


The best time to move is by far the winter months when rents are cheaper, and the rent concessions are more significant. There are many other reasons why moving in winter months makes more sense than in the summer. Here are the top 6 reasons why moving in the winter is smarter than doing so […]

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8 Tips On Storing Christmas Decorations

Christmas time is one that most people go all out for when they decorate. Even many Christmas songs highlight that Christmas time involved a lot of decorating with trees, mistletoe, bells, and stockings. Here are eight helpful tips for storing your Christmas decorations when they aren’t in use. Compartmentalized Ornament Storage Boxes Getting an ornament […]

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How to Properly Ventilate the Bathroom


Regardless of the season outdoors it’s a good idea to ventilate your bathroom from time to time if not on a daily basis. Bathrooms can contain a lot of moisture and bacteria, which can be reduced by properly ventilating your bathroom. Keeping your bathroom mold-free can be as simple as keeping your bathroom ventilated allowing […]

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10 Tips for Moving During the Holidays


The holidays can be quite chaotic, but throwing moving into the mix and they can be absolute madness. If you and your family are planning on relocating during the holidays, follow these helpful tips to make things run as smooth as possible: 1) Chart Your Route  Know exactly where you’re going and avoid places that […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Cigar


Choosing a cigar depends on factors such as budget, availability, and personal taste. The sheer number of cigar brands and facings in a well-stocked humidor can overwhelm anyone. Smokers that are fortunate to walk into a shop of a reputable retailer are likely to get a cigar that fits their mood or occasion. If otherwise, these suggestions […]

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