3 Reasons You Should Floss Daily


You may hate doing it, but flossing is one of the most important day to day dental activities that you can perform. You save yourself a great deal of trouble when you floss daily. Here are three top reasons why.

– You reduce the pain that you face at the dentist.

Although most dentists have long since given up on the huge drills that stereotype the practice, if you do not clean your teeth, then you may be in for some pain. If you allow germs, tartar and plaque to eat through your teeth and attach to your gums, then your dentist has to get all of that gunk off. The bonds that form and crystallize between the bad stuff and your teeth have to be broken. This may pull on your teeth and gums and make them hurt. You may also experience bleeding from weakened gums. You can get rid of all of this pain by simply flossing once a day!

– You save yourself a great deal of money.

Because flossing does about 40 percent of the work that accounts for preventive dental hygiene, every time that you skip a session, you are leaving 40 percent more junk on your teeth than you otherwise would. This adds up quickly. Little buildups of plaque or tartar can quickly become large buildups and break down your teeth and gums very quickly. When this happens, your dental bill starts to go up. When it goes up, it does not come down. Every time you get a serious procedure done on a tooth, the only way to fix it if something else goes wrong is through a more expensive, more serious procedure. You keep your bills low in the future by keeping them low in the present. Floss daily, because this costs virtually nothing compared to a $700 root canal.

– You extend the life of your teeth exponentially.

Flossing gets up in the area that connects your teeth and your gums together. This is the most important part of your mouth to keep clean. These are the bonds that the bad germs love to attack, and when they are broken, they cannot be replaced. You extend the life of your teeth immensely when you floss and make a point of maintaining these bonds against the buildup of plaque and tartar.

Although there are many other reasons to floss on a daily basis, the above three reasons should definitely get your wheels turning about how appropriate it is to do yourself the favor of a daily flossing habit.