3 Surprising Gold Items to Sell for Major Cash

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It wasn’t long ago that jewelers were going around offering to throw “gold parties,” where they would buy the discarded gold from men and women who would pocket a bit of cash. These parties made sense because of the rising price of gold. While gold has not remained as historic highs, the price is still good enough to bring significant rewards to those who want to sell their items. You don’t have to sell your wedding ring to take home a nice payday. There are plenty of surprising gold items that can bring you major cash.

Gold Teeth
Whether you have a gold grill like Lil’ Wayne or you just have a couple of gold teeth, you might end up with a nice payday. Gold teeth tend to be dense, and many people forget about them. Most individuals know that gold necklaces are worth some money. Many forget about the gold they’re walking around with on a daily basis in their mouth. If you’re ready to have some dental work done anyway, then you might mitigate the cost a bit by selling the gold tooth. Typically the tooth will be assessed on the basis of its weight.

Pocket Watch
It’s the forgotten piece of jewelry that might bring back big rewards. Many people inherit pocket watches from their grandparents. They were popular during an older time. They are still valuable today, mostly because of their significant weight. When gold buyers decide how much money to shell out, they usually want to know how much the item weighs. Some things that you might think are valuable lack value because of their relative lack of weight. Pocket watches don’t run into this problem. If you can find one of these treasures, you might have a good payday on your hands.

High School Ring
Whatever happened to that old class ring you had in your drawer? Most people dump their class ring a couple of years after high school. It collects dust because they don’t know what to do with after they’ve discarded it. Just because it happens to bear your name does not mean that it must become a placeholder. You can still sell it for its weight. The gold buyer might melt it down and use it for another purpose. Don’t think that your personalization renders this ring worthless.

Selling gold can bring back sure rewards for people who have items laying around the house. During a time when people are interested in buying these items, you can get excellent deals. The three items listed above can bring you a nice bounty if you’re willing to part with them.