3 Ways Document Management Can Help Efficiency


Increasing efficiency and streamlining processes are ongoing challenges for any organization. Through implementing proper document management practices, companies will enjoy the follow three benefits.

Improved Access, Speed and Collaboration
Many companies are transitioning to cloud-based solutions because they want to provide employees and partners with universal access to data around the clock. However, documentation access can be implemented through any software or online program that offers document management functionality. Speed is always important because companies are becoming more spread out through different departments and geographic areas. This is especially important when employees depend on other people to finish their tasks on time. Finally, collaboration is a challenge for complex organizations that have many people accessing, updating and sharing the same documents. Most software programs, such as databases or customer relationship management platforms, allow users to simultaneously access and edit centrally stored documents.

Increase Productivity
A typical employee may spend 10 minutes to an entire day processes a single document or spreadsheet. A large portion of this time is spent searching for other documents and accessing corresponding data. This may involve reviewing Outlook emails, financial spreadsheets and project management updates. A centralized document management system will reduce these inefficiencies and allow staff to focus on productively using the information. Document management systems also increase productivity by transforming unstructured data, such as photos and emails, into accessible files. They also provide the right data at the right time and enable employees to securely share information with clients. To illustrate, certain business processes, such as contract renewal or invoice approval, may require input and concept from different levels of employees. Document management programs will increase productivity with process automation tools that eliminate manual data entry and document naming and filing.

Handling complex paper trails and digging through boxes of documentation is a burden for employees. Some companies experience major process bottlenecks because of administrative nightmares that involve rooms of unmarked storage boxes and unorganized documentation. The best way to solve this problem is through automatic digitization of all archived and current paperwork. Scanning these documents will allow employees to quickly access and share information in an electronic format. A reliable document management program will have embedded scanning features that is connected to designated server folders. Digitizing documentation will save office space and increase the organizational effectiveness of teams that share centralized data, such as sales, marketing and customer service departments.

Day-to-day business processes are usually hindered by inefficient practices and policies. Document management software and techniques will enable companies that generate large amounts of paper to better manage, distribute and archive documentation. Document management software will solve these problems through simplifying processes, increasing collaboration and ensuring enhanced security.