3 Ways to make sure your Cloud is Backed Up


Cloud computing has been a real game changer in terms of how users access and store their data and digital information. While many users turn to cloud storage services in order to create and maintain an off-site backup for their most important files and documents, not even cloud storage services can provide an ideal level of protection and security when used as the sole method of backing up data. Maintaining a backup of data locally still provides a number of important benefits, especially in situations where the cloud cannot be accessed quickly. Other equipment options, such as disaster-hardened storage devices ensure that users are able to enjoy a superior level of digital security.

Multiple Backup and Storage Solutions

The convenience of using multiple devices to access data and relatively low-cost of cloud storage services make them a very popular option for backing up files and information. Users who rely on the cloud and those that fail to create a local backup of their most important files can find themselves in a difficult situation should they be without Internet access of if their cloud services provider is experiencing technical issues. Having a local backup means that users are less likely to be inconvenienced due to an outage, denial of service attack or other technical problem. Multiple storage formats provide users with the level of redundancy needed to ensure superior security.

Utilizing Automated Backup Applications

Software and applications that automate the process of backing-up data may prove to be a valuable resource. An automated application that copies and saves all files to both a cloud storage service as well as a local back-up can reduce instances of user error that may create serious problems. Automated routines that run at scheduled intervals may ensure that critical files and sensitive information can be more easily retrieved and accessed in the event of a problem. The most effective backup strategies are those that utilize multiple resources and numerous storage solutions.

Creating the Right Backup Strategy

The needs of different users can vary tremendously. Incremental backup strategies, a combination of local and off-site storage solutions and software automation that can reduce the time and effort needed to ensure all data can be kept safe and secure may all be necessary in order for users to create a more effective backup strategy. Relying solely on the cloud to keep their files safe may prove to be a costly mistake. A more flexible strategy that makes use of a wider range of resources, services and solutions may be needed in order for users to ensure that information stored on the cloud id able to be backed up as effectively as possible.