4 Advantages of Adult Braces


You are never too old as an adult to get your teeth straightened if that was not accomplished by having to wear braces when you were a child. Now, about 50 percent of patients are adults and are the fastest growing segment.

The following are just some of the advantages of getting braces as an adult:

1. You can finally get the smile that you have always wanted and don’t have to hide your grin or be concerned about bite problems.

2. There are different types of braces that are available, and your dental health needs and what you prefer will help your experienced orthodontist guide you toward the option that is best for you and explain why he or she believes in those particular braces. There are the traditional metal braces that are placed on the front top and bottom teeth, clear braces that blend in with your teeth and give a better appearance, clear Invisalign braces that are even less noticeable and are removable for eating and cleaning, and Lingual braces which are metal and are applied to the backside of the teeth, which makes them invisible.

3. Numerous dental problems can be avoided such as:

Prevention of damage to the tooth enamel, which occurs when the teeth are misaligned and rubbing against each other, which wears away the enamel away and makes your teeth more prone to erosion and cavities.

*Chewing is more comfortable and easier once your bite has been aligned.

• Teeth cleaning is better when your teeth are aligned and less crowded because you will be able to reach more areas.

• Bad breath disappears because once your teeth are properly straightened and aligned, cleaning can rid them of the bacteria and unpleasant odor that lingers in your mouth and on the tooth surfaces.

4. More benefits include that braces cannot only straighten teeth, but they can also space out crowded teeth, line up your jaws to give a better bite, close any gaps, use only gentle but increased pressure to move the teeth into place over a period of time, and skip the brackets and wires with these clear see-through plastic trays that fit over the teeth. Veneers are another possibility. They are thin tooth-colored porcelain layers that go on top of your existing teeth and can fix chipped, stained, or dull teeth.

Don’t worry about advanced age because it is never too late to create the perfect smile.