4 Great Ways to Make an Extra Dollar

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As Christmas gets closer, everyone’s mind is on preparing for the holidays. That means decorating, planning parties, and buying gifts for loved ones, all of which costs money. Here are four ways to add to your wallet in anticipation of the holiday crunch.
Run Errands for Strangers
Along with ride sharing services, errand running is another growing business, thanks to the evolving online community. There are a number of websites on which you can find individuals in need of minimal assistance. People with disabilities and the elderly often need someone to do their shopping, pick up medication, or shovel their walk. If you would rather not utilize a service, you may be able to earn more for yourself by placing your own ad in local newspapers or classified websites.
Become a Secret Shopper
This has become a common way to make extra money and some people have even turned it into a full time gig. In spite of the term, there’s typically no buying involved, except for companies interested in the products you’re already buying. Most companies, however, just want someone to verify the stores are displaying their products. They will supply you with a machine or instruct you to download an app, so you can scan the barcodes of their products. You get paid for each product you scan.
Sell Your Unwanted Items
This is always a great way to make a few bucks and, with the advent of online classifieds, it has never been easier. Gather up your unwanted items from old movies to vintage clothes and place ads online to sell them. You may make more money than you would in hosting a garage sale and you’ll be getting rid of the clutter too.
Pet Sitting
While this may be better suited to animal lovers, this can actually be more lucrative than you might suspect. Some sites connecting sitters with pet owners suggest sitters can make as much as $1,000 per month. You may make more or less than that by taking out classified ads yourself. In either case, it depends on how much you want to take on and how well animals respond to you. If pets like you, the owners will see that and consider you for more sitting needs in the future. Return customers may even help you to turn this side job into a full-time and lucrative business.
These are just a few ways to turn a quick buck in advance of the holidays and you can continue to do them to make money in the new year. Sometimes, raising extra cash is essential and sometimes you want the money for a new activity or special purchase. Either way, it’s good to know there are options for getting that cash, when you want it.