4 Inspiring Reasons to Become a Foster Parent

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Foster parents take on the unique and important responsibility of providing for foster children. While many people approach the idea of being a foster parent with hesitation, there are several things to consider if you’re thinking about becoming a foster parent. Read on for five reasons that will help you make your decision to be a foster parent.

1. Foster Parents Change Lives

Being a foster parent is life-changing for both the child and the parent. While some may feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of children in need of homes, foster parents make a significant difference by helping just one child. When foster parents create a safe and stable environment for their foster children, they are setting the groundwork for generations of healthy familial bonds years later.

2. Foster Parenting Teaches Important Life Lessons

As a foster parent, one will learn many lessons that have real-world applications outside of parenting. Parents of foster children learn how to humanize others, let go of the need to feel in control, and learning how to love others unconditionally. These life lessons have a major impact on how both foster children and parents maintain their relationships with friends, family, and strangers.

3. Sibling Groups and Older Children Aren’t Often Adopted

Foster parents can make a major difference in the lives of siblings and older. Youth in foster care often have an even more challenging time being placed with homes if they are older or have several siblings. By intentionally choosing to foster these children, foster parents will undoubtedly have a huge impact on their lives.

4. Foster Children Need Families Too

Many parents choose to become a foster family after realizing the distinct lack of familial structure in group homes and residential facilities. Though children in foster care have their basic needs met, foster parents offer something more: the love of a family. By undergoing the training to be an excellent foster parent, these individuals are able to provide these children with something all kids want and need.

When more parents start taking on foster children, more kids will be able to experience the benefits that being part of a family provides. As foster parents develop relationships with their kids, they will establish bonds that will last a lifetime.

Never underestimate the impact of a loving parent in a child’s life. While you may just be one person, your influence on a child will change their world. Keep these four reasons in mind as you consider becoming a foster parent.