4 Key Factors for Ensuring Successful Earth Excavation


Excavating an area of the ground is the first step for many different projects from erecting a new structure to building an in-ground pool. The task is not as easy as it sounds. Many things can go wrong that will ruin your excavation attempts. You need to know what you are doing in advance. Here are four key factors for ensuring successful earth excavation.

Drill a Pump Line Near the Site

One of the main problems that you could face during earth excavation has to do with water. You do not want to start excavating only to have the trench you are opening fill with water constantly. Water can actually destabilize the soil and ruin the plans for whatever is going into the excavated area. The solution is to drill a pump line near the site. This is a line that goes straight down into the ground and connects to a pump on the surface. The line should be placed off to the side of the area but close enough to capture water flooding into the trench.

Have the Ground Tested and Surveyed Before Starting

You must have the ground tested and surveyed before starting any earth excavation. You need to see what the soil tests reveal. The ground could be exceptionally loam. This will require you to rethink the depth of the excavation. You might need to take care of some chemical or other problem. Surveying is important because you will eventually have to grade the ground and the excavated area. Surveying allows you to know exactly where to dig based on the current grade and shape of the terrain. It also shows whether there are sewer or gas lines in the area.

Use the Right Equipment

You will never have a successful earth excavation unless you use the right tools. Do not try to do the job using items intended for another purpose. You want to rent a quality excavator and everything else needed for the task. Take time to carefully learn how to use the excavator to prevent damage and mistakes. If you are not comfortable using the equipment, then think about hiring one of the over 47,000 professionals who are trained to operate excavation equipment. Hiring professionals can save you a large amount of time and frustration.

Take Every Safety Precaution Possible

Around 1,000 people are injured during excavations each year. You do not want to be one of them. Take every safety precaution possible while excavating. Keep the area clear of everyone while equipment is running. Do not take risks like jumping into the trench or improperly rigging electrical equipment. Wear protective gear the entire time you are in the area. Work slowly and stay aware of your surroundings. Being safe will ensure you have a successful earth excavation without needing to stop due to injuries or worse.