4 Occasions in Which to Gift a Challenge Coin

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A challenge coin is a portable token signifying some great achievement or honor. While the practice of giving out challenge coins began with the military, it has since bloomed within the civilian world. This article seeks to present a quartet of suitable occasions that you may wish to dole out such an item.

1. As a Trophy

One of the simplest reasons you might wish to award someone with a challenge coin is to signify some personal achievement that might normally be commemorated with a sizable trophy. Challenge coins can be just as metallic as a trophy but have the added benefit of being easily stored and carried without taking up as much space on a mantle or trophy shelf. If you can think up a trophy award, a challenge coin is certainly suitable for representing that commendation.

2. To Show Solidarity From an Experience

A challenge coin can also be used to serve as a reminder of some trying time and helps to prove that the recipient was present and involved in that particular struggle. Examples of this sort of challenge coin might be surviving a natural disaster, losing someone in a national tragedy or being on the site of some momentous occasion.

3. As a Token of Thanks

While a thank you card is cheap to buy and it can show some sincerity by drafting up a card from scratch, commissioning a challenge coin is a surefire way to let someone know that you appreciate something they contributed toward.

4. Commemorating Life Events

Weddings, births, b’nai mitzvah and graduations are all significant life events. They are also all suitable causes for giving commemorative challenge coins, usually indicating the momentous date and the name(s) of the relevant individual(s) involved in said event. While it might be costly to gift a coin to every attendee of a wedding, it would be sensible for a set to be awarded to the groomsmen and bridesmaids of a wedding.

As these four examples have shown, giving someone a challenge coin is a way of materializing some service, trial or achievement. While memories can fade and color with the passage of time, a challenge coin is a tangible and resilient reminder of the events that lead up to its creation. If you can think of something worthy of commendation, know that a challenge coin can be a proper acknowledgement of that event.