4 Reasons Reducing Your Water Use Can Help Your Septic System


With proper maintenance, septic tanks are designed to operate efficiently for many years.one of the best ways of keeping your septic tank in good condition is water efficiency. Using water sparingly has many environmental benefits, and the biggest one is ensuring your drain system is not clogged or overflowing. Here are four reasons why reducing your water use is good for the septic system;

1. Prevent Drain Clog

The way a septic system is designed, the waste is given enough time to separate into solid sludge at the bottom and grease on top so that water can be treated and recycled. If there is too much water in the septic tank, the system won’t allow the waste enough time to settle, and wastewater will be pushed along with sum and sludge to your drain field. The result of this will be clogged pipes, smelly house, and waste that is backing up, and that is very expensive to repair.

2. Prevent Water Pollution

Every septic tank has a maximum daily wastewater flow that should not be exceeded. If the wastewater goes too much above the limit, the pipes can get busted causing water pollution. If a flooding occurs and untreated sewage gets out of the tank, it can end up in nearby rivers, swimming pool, and other water sources and cause waterborne diseases.

3. Enhance Water Treatment

Overloading a septic tank will limit how well wastewater is treated. On top of not having enough time to separate correctly, a lot of energy will be required to treat too much water that is mixed with sludge. Even with a bio-digester, you can find yourself with smelly and unclean treated water.

4. Increase the Tank’s Lifespan

It is important to note that every drop of water used in the house ends up in the septic tank. The more water you use in the house, the more water ends up in the system, and that can lead to its failure and malfunctioning. Efficient water use will improve the operation of the system and prolong its lifespan. If you use less water in the septic tank, that means you will have fewer problems and that ultimately translates into less maintenance and a long time of proper operations.

Simple Ways to Reduce Water Usage

Toilets, shower, bathtub and washing machine use the most amount of water in any household. The best way to reduce water usage in these areas is to choose water efficient appliances such as toilet faucet and shower head and learn to take short showers instead of bathing. You should also repair any leak in the valve, kitchen or toilet to reduce wasting water and avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Any way you can find to minimize water usage including educating the kids, and the help to use water sparingly will go a long way in ensuring your septic tank functions properly for a long time.