4 Ways to boost your pottery studio sales


Owning your own pottery studio may be a dream come true, but it can be a struggle to sell your pieces through even a heavily-trafficked studio. You may be searching for cost-effective ways to boost sales and increase profitability from your studio. These are some thoughtful ideas that you can consider exploring in greater detail for use in your business activities.

Invest in Better Signage
Signage draws passersby into your venue, and if you are located on a busy street, you need to take full advantage of the opportunity to market to those who pass by your venue every day. Signage is a great way to lure others into the store, but you also need to have a great display case in the window that showcases your pieces. On nice days, you may place a display shelf in front of your store on the sidewalk to encourage passersby to venture into the store. Signage can also be placed in the sidewalk walkway so that passersby are more likely to view what is written on the sign. This can be a printed sign, a chalkboard sign or something else that will catch the eye.

Sell Your Products Online
Another way to boost sales for your pottery studio is to sell your pieces online. You can take pictures of each of the works that you are selling in the studio and create a dedicated page for them. Online sales can increase your visibility to a larger target audience, and you may even sell to a national audience or an international audience.

Improve Internet Marketing
Whether you are trying to boost in-store or online sales, improving Internet marketing is key. Local online marketing efforts can help those who are looking for a retail store to shop at more easily find your address and information about your website. General online marketing, such as SEO, may be used to drive traffic to your website for online or local sales alike.

Showcase Select Pieces Regularly
Another thoughtful idea is to showcase select pieces each week or each month. This may be announced to an email distribution list, and it may be highlighted on the website as well as with a special display in the store. If you do not have an email distribution list, consider starting one. Social media can also be used to promote the selected piece. Keep in mind that marketing the display piece through signage or online efforts is critical if you want to maximize the benefit it can provide.

You may have a very narrow target audience to appeal to as a pottery studio owner, but you nonetheless can effectively boost sales in a number of ways when you follow these tips. If you are not happy with the profitability of your studio, incorporate some of these ideas into your marketing efforts today.