5 Best Netting Options For Your Upcoming Fishing Trip


Many sporting goods stores sell a variety of fishing nets that have different netting materials. They also stock tons of accessories for each net, so the process of selecting proper equipment for a fishing trip can be challenging. This is why you must understand the basic options before you go shopping.

Baitwell Nets

Baitwell nets help fishermen gather bait before they begin a fishing trip. The only slight disadvantage is that these nets are made out of a generic mesh material.

Dip Nets

Dip nets that have a teardrop shape can harvest bait out of curved buckets with ease. If you own many flat-sided tanks, flat dip nets should be purchased instead because they will trap the bait more efficiently.

Cast Nets

Cast nets are often used in various fishing areas where schools of fish are commonly found. These nets have weights that are strategically placed around the perimeter of the frame. As a result, the edges near the mesh material drop into the water very quickly. If you buy cast nets that are treated, you’ll catch more fish throughout the year since each net will maintain its shape for a longer length of time.

Seines Net

A seines net is a unique fishing tool because the netting travels along two poles. Near the top of the device, there is mesh material that hangs over a pole. Since a seines net is large, it can be used by multiple anglers at once during a fishing trip on a pond. While the mesh netting is in the water, it can be glided along the shore or against the gentle water currents.

When shopping for a seine net, select a product that has strong weights and properly secured floats. If you buy a cheap net, the components may break apart when you capture a big fish. Also, try to invest in a net that has a quality mesh; the best materials usually have a dark shade.

Net Accessories

If you’re an adventurous fisherman, you may want to buy a basic net and customize it. A magnetic release tool will benefit you if you’re a wading angler. This accessory has a component that attaches to a wading vest. While fishing, whenever you want to net a fish, you’ll have to separate the magnets.

A rod holder can simplify the fishing process if you own a boat that doesn’t have a place for your fishing nets. If possible, invest in an accessory that mounts on the side of a boat because this configuration will prevent frustration during the retrieval process.