5 Fashion Mistakes that Ruin Your Style: How to Avoid


Whether going to work, running errands, or going out on a date, you always want to strive to look your best. While keeping with updated fashions, it is also important to avoid making mistakes that can ruin your look. Here are five common fashion mistakes and tips to avoid making them.

Worn-Out Shoes

Wearing worn out or worn down shoes will make any stunning outfit look disheveled. In order to always look put together, invest in some high quality shoes that can be worn on a daily basis. Shoes with little or no heel tend to last longer and do not get beat up as quickly as high heels. The Huffington Post reports that they are also better on your body. Do not hesitate to get beloved shoes re-soled if necessary to keep them looking fresh.

Ill-Fitting Clothes

If you have to ask the question, “is this too tight?” It is. Do not wear pants that you need to get into awkward positions to fasten. At the same time, don’t wear clothes that are too baggy or loose. Everyone looks their best in clothes that fit properly, no matter their shape or size. If you have a piece of clothing that you love and it does not fit just right, get it tailored to your body.

Dress Your Age

Failing to adapt your style as you get older is a big fashion blunder. Some fashions are timeless, such as a well tailored suit or plain white sweater. However, style should be changed to compliment age. Not dressing your age can make you look older, even if you are trying to look younger. The difficult thing about this, is how to tell when it is time to adjust your own style. You may be so used to dressing one way that you fail to move on to a more sophisticated style with age. Look around and others your age and imagine them in the outfit you are wearing to see if it still makes sense. The New York Daily News reports on the dangers of not dressing your age.


Wearing multiple trends in one outfit might seem like a good idea, but the styles often clash, leading to an unflattering look. At the same time, taking on a trend that makes you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable is also unattractive. Only take on the trends you love and do not try to layer them all on top of each other just to stay on top of the fashion scene.


Building your outfits on one color can often result from overestimating some basic clothes in your wardrobe. Matching your clothes color to your skin tone is a great idea, but when it is worn excessively, it can look dull. Try wearing a variety of hues that suit your style.