5 Frugal Ideas to Help You Cut Down On Spending


For many people today, spending, or rather over-spending, is a problem that has led to poor credit scores and increasing debt. The internet has made it so easy to spend without even thinking about it, but this is not a positive thing when it comes to setting a budget and sticking to it.

In this post, learn five easy frugal ideas that can help you begin cutting down on spending today.

Shop with Coupons
There are whole websites and books dedicated to the simple art of locating and using coupons to save money. But you don’t need a college course on couponing. You just need to start keeping an eye on in-store specials, download a couponing app for digital coupons and join the email lists of your favorite brands to get coupons in your inbox.

Shopping with coupons can add back cash to your monthly bottom line, so it is worth the extra effort you make to find and use the coupons.

Program Your Thermostat
Most homes have programmable thermostats today (if yours doesn’t, then you can at least keep a closer eye on the temperature and consider installing one). Just programming your thermostat can help you avoid spending on energy when no one is even home, saving you precious dollars and cents daily.

Leave Those Credit Cards at Home
This includes credit card-enabled apps on your phone. You don’t even have to cut up your credit cards. But you should definitely find a secure and inaccessible place to store them for emergency use only. Just by leaving your credit cards at home, you will avoid temptation when you don’t have enough cash to afford a shiny new item you really can’t afford.

You can also call your credit card companies to renegotiate interest rates for any cards with a carryover balance, saving yourself money from high interest rates.

Air Up Your Tires
Your car will burn more gas when you drive on tires that are not fully inflated. By airing up your tires fully, you get better gas mileage and lower your monthly fuel costs. As a bonus, you will also find your tires last longer with less wear and tear.

Cut Out the Extras
Finally, it may be time to re-evaluate whether you really need that fancy cable television package, those extra cell phone minutes or those magazine subscriptions. It may surprise you how fast those little expenses can add up – and how much you can save each month by cancelling them.

By adopting a saver’s mindset, you can build your emergency nest egg, get the best deal on necessities and save towards your future big purchases.