5 Reasons to Care About the Environment

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Your environment consists of your immediate surroundings and includes the air you breathe, the water your drink and the plants and animals in the vicinity. The status of our environment is important to our health and wellbeing and affects the entire earth. Here are five reasons that you should care about the environment:

Forest Conservation 

The forest is home to a diverse range of animals and plants that require clean air and water to thrive. The trees in the forest take up 30 percent of the land around the world and is a host for a delicate ecosystem. It is susceptible to changes in the environment caused by pollution and waste created by industrial activity. When the trees in the forest are chopped down, the entire world’s biosphere is interrupted and global warming is increased.

Future Generations

The actions we take toward protecting the earth today will affect the state of the environment for generations to come. Taking the necessary steps to secure the environment such as conserving energy, recycling, eliminating the use of products that contain toxic chemicals and planting trees can help protect the atmosphere.

Save Animals 

Deforestation and ocean pollution has a huge impact on the air we breathe and it harms animals. When forests are destroyed, and toxic chemicals are dumped into the oceans, animal species lose their natural habitat and killed. Forests are burned down for commercial reasons by poorer countries to sell their natural resources to more wealthier countries. Our ocean, rivers and lakes are used as a dumping ground for chemical waste for manufacturers.

Global Warming 

The increase in the earth’s temperature is a direct side effect of global warming. This climate change is due to the increased emission of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. These greenhouse gases create changes in sea levels, precipitation and deserts. It also causes heat waves, droughts and wildfires that destroy food crops too. Global warming also decreases the ozone layer and produces conditions that are harmful to human health.

Cleaner Air 

The ecosystem that thrives within the forest and oceans on earth plays an important factor in keeping the air clean. Trees absorb harmful gases in the air that include carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon oxide. They remove these greenhouse gases from the air and replace them with oxygen. Trees also provide us with shade, cool down the earth and improve ocean health.

These are only a few reasons to care about the environment that you live in. Being able to breathe in cleaner air, preventing global warming and saving animals is imperative to maintaining earth’s atmosphere. The earth is our home and needs to be protected from harm and conserved for future generations.