5 Unique Ways to Use Glow Sticks at Your Party

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Glow sticks can be the life of your next party! There are so many different ways that you can have fun with glow sticks. We would love to share our favorite, most unique ways to use them at your next party!

1. Nighttime Bowling
Do not let the fun stop just because the sun goes down! Grab some water bottles, put glow sticks in them, and you are ready for nighttime bowling! Fill the bottles about two-thirds full so they will stay standing, but will not be too difficult to knock over. Be sure to activate the glow stick prior to putting it in the water bottle. You can also break the stick and pour in the activated liquid.

2. Glowing Balloons
Nothing says party quite like a balloon! Why not make that balloon a statement in the dark as well? Add a glow stick so they will be bright all night! If you purchase the flashing glow sticks, you will have an even more spectacular balloon.

3. Ring Toss
No matter how old you are, a good old fashioned ring toss is fun! Save some bottles and buy some glow sticks in bracelet length. Attach the ends to make small rings and have a fun game night at your party. Maybe you could even have some prizes!

4. Seventies Inspired Centerpiece
You can create an awesome centerpiece with glow sticks and half of a foam ball. You will need a lot of sticks for this, but it will be worth it! After you activate the glow, push the sticks in all around the half-sphere so they create a half-globe shaped glow stick centerpiece. The more the better! You can set it on a table, or you could hang it upside down to use as a lamp instead. Either will totally wow your guests!

5. Illuminate Your Drinks
Adding glow sticks to your coolers or tubs of drinks will make finding a drink in the dark a breeze. It also just looks really cool to have the light shining through the ice. It is reflected in different directions and really adds to the overall lighting at the party. You can also use glow sticks to wrap around cans or glasses. If it is a small party, each person could have a different color so they do not lose track of their drink.

With so many fun ways of using glow sticks, you will love showcasing them at your next nighttime party! From games to decorations, it will be a rainbow of color that everyone will enjoy. Have fun with it and see what else you can come up with too!