5 Ways to Express Your Individuality With Your Style

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Developing a sense of style that represents your individuality requires thought and effort on your part. No one wakes up and has style; personal style is developed over years and stems from knowing oneself. People learn so much about who you are before you open your mouth to extend a greeting, and ensuring that your style reflects who you are as a person is the best way to make a good first impression. Follow these tips to set you on your path for embracing a personal style that reflects your individuality.

Let Your Style Evolve With You

Fashion and style are not the same thing. Fashion should be thought of as something that fades away and is trendy. Style is something that stays the same at its core, but it must evolve with you. Resist the pressure to change as rapidly as the fashion trends come and go; you will witness the power of letting style adapt and bend to your life as you age.

Quit Letting Fear Hold You Back

Society puts pressure on everyone to adhere to style rules that are arbitrary and a bit ridiculous. Throw away all of the style rules you think you know, and stop letting fear hold you back. If that hot pink spring coat is delightful, then wear it with pride. Your individuality can’t shine through unless you break down your fearfulness of self expression.

Develop Your Wardrobe Staples

Developing a wardrobe just for staples will provide you with a base to work from, no matter what current trends are. Examples of items that belong in a collection of wardrobe staples include black dresses in classic cuts, a solid-color coat, simple tops and dress pants. Your individual style will shine through with what you choose to layer these basics with.

Don’t Fall For Trends

Trendiness is fickle, so it’s best to avoid falling for the hottest trends when expressing your individuality with your clothes. Purchase garments that are always attractive. If you must indulge in that new fall trend, choose carefully and not on a whim.

Think Of Substance

When people think of individual style, they don’t think of substance. Expressing your individuality demands substance because you are a whole and fascinating person. You’re not fickle; you’re courageous. Your clothes may come from a brand that has a story, or maybe you found a perfect dress on vacation with a story behind it. Own it, and the substance will reflect in your choices.

It’s Okay To Be Nervous For New

Newness in your personal style, like a shorter hemline you’re nervous about, is acceptable and should be embraced. Taking risks is worth it when it comes to personal style; you never know what will be incorporated into your style evolution next.