5 Ways to Make the Dentist Visit Fun for Your Kids

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Kids are often fearful of the dentist. It’s a new environment, and they might not be comfortable with someone touching their face and their mouth. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make it more enjoyable. Here’s how to help your child get over their anxiety and actually enjoy their dental appointment.

Watch A Dental Related Video
You can help your child get over their fear of the dentist by watching a video together. Look online for videos that depict what a dental visit is like. While watching the video, talk to your child. Ask them questions, and reassure them that dental visits are fun.

Bring A Comfort Item
Many children have items that bring them comfort. This can range from anything from a special toy, blanket or pillow. While you may not want to lug these items around with you, they can help reduce any anxiety that your child may be facing.

Get Your Child A Special Outfit
Your child may handle the dentist better if they feel brave. Get them a special outfit before the big day. Consider getting them a cape or a shirt that makes them feel like a “big kid”. Not only will it help them have the courage to get through the visit, but they will look extra cute as well.

Roll Play At Home
If your child knows what to expect, their dental appointment will be less scary. This is why it’s a good idea to play dentist at home. Get a white coat and dental tools. Have your child be the patient first, and practice cleaning their teeth and giving them an examination. Switch roles, and allow your child to be the dentist and you be the patient.

Offer A Reward
Kids respond well to rewards. Before you take your child to the dentist, talk to them about the reward you will give them if they have a good appointment. Discuss what they need to do to get the reward. Let them know how you expect them to behave and respond to the dentist.

While the dentist can be scary, you can do some things to make it easier for your child. By utilizing the above tips, you can make it easier for everyone involved. It’s important that you help your child not be fearful of the dentist and for them to think that these appointments are fun.