5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Sending Direct Mailers

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Have you ever wondered if your business would benefit from direct mail marketing? While it may seem like an old fashioned way of advertising, it’s actually still quite effective. This process involves sending promotions, special offers or other exciting news by mail to your consumers. As you search for new ways to find new customers and prospects, direct mail marketing can be just what you are looking for to maximize your marketing campaign. Here are a number of benefits to consider:

1. Highly Targeted 

One of the biggest advantages of sending direct mail is that it is highly targeted. You are able to target a specific audience, which means your advertisements are reaching those who are already interested in your products or services. Luckily, there are many ways to find a mailing list distributor that can help weed out your target market from the rest of the world. Dun and Bradstreet, for example will organize a list of people who fit your marketing demographic, which you can then use at your convenience.

2. Highly Measurable 

There is no need to worry about complicated analytics, as your results are already highly measurable. To view the results from your direct mailers, you can simply track how many inquiries are being made or which coupons are being redeemed. If you are wanting your consumers to contact you by phone, create a phone number unique to your direct mail campaign so you know that these consumers are calling because they received your mailer. The same goes if you are wanting your target market to visit your website or redeem a coupon. Create a unique website link or coupon code so that when they click or enter it, you will have those results to count as a lead from your campaign.

3. Creative & Tangible 

Unlike e-mails, which are easy to forget… direct mail marketing is tangible. If you have an offer that your audience deems beneficial even if for future use, they are most likely going to hang it on the refrigerator or keep somewhere to use in the near future. According to recent statistics, nearly 80% of consumers open all of their mail! This is a huge advantage since your marketing efforts are getting noticed. Whether you are sending postcards, coupons or catalogues, the sky is the limit when it comes to being creative. Think outside the box and deliver something memorable.

4. Personalized 

The key to any successful marketing strategy is building relationships. So how can you build relationships through mail? You can easily customize your mail towards each individual consumer by simply adding their name or other personal information. This is also such a great way to build brand awareness as you are essentially grabbing the attention of your consumers with every direct mailer you send.

5. Cost Effective 

Creating and mailing your marketing pieces is very cost effective. You can easily create colorful and eye-catching designs for your campaigns yourself and then have as many copies printed as you wish through an affordable print vendor. Another way to save is to mail out a small quantity of your advertisements first as a test run and determine the success of that batch. Then, you can increase in the future when you see a return on your rather small initial investment.

Despite the belief that online marketing is the only way to succeed, sending direct mailers is still booming. Think about how many marketing emails you receive in a day, and how much direct mail marketing you receive in a day. Is your business more likely to stand out amongst an ocean of other businesses via a computer screen or more likely to stand out with a creative, eye-catching letter that is personalized and memorable for your potential consumer?