6 Adventure Ideas for a Fishing Charter


If you love fishing and are looking for a new vacation idea for you and your friends or even a family bonding experience – fishing charters can be a great adventure.  There are many different areas of the world to experience, with knowledgeable fishing guides to help you along the way.  Of course you can’t forget that there are many different types of fish to see and try your luck with catching – big and little and some will even give you a run for your money.  Let’s take a look at a few of the great adventures that you can take on a fishing charter.

Party Boat – One of the cheapest ways to go deep sea fishing is on a chartered party boat. With multiple groups on the boat, it helps to lower the cost and you are able to have a fun day of fishing.

Shrimping – If you like shrimp, there are some fishing charters that will take you out shrimping in which you are able to take all of your shrimp home.  Depending on the area you are shrimping, you may even see a few dolphins in the area – so it can be a great sight seeing opportunity too.

Crabbing – Depending on the area and time of the year, some fishing charters do offer crabbing on their fishing trips for an additional charge.

Tuna – If you like a challenge and are in great physical shape, tuna fishing may be up your alley.  Full of power and fight, they can take a lot to reel in and get in the boat.

Whale Watching – Whales are beautiful and majestic creatures and it is a pleasure to see them in their natural habitat.  There are only limited time windows that are good for whale watching. Some fishing charters will bring you out on the boat just to sightsee for a couple of hours in which during that time you may see whales, sea lions, seals and sea birds.

Salmon – Some fishing charters offer salmon fishing which is desirable, as salmon is a highly sought after fish.

Most states require a fishing license however, the age requirements do vary by state so it is best to check with your local government beforehand. Some charter trips are just a few hours others are a few days.  You may decide to do a charter trip one day, explore the town the next, and go on a different charter trip the following day – really make your own adventure.  Not all charters offer lodging, but generally there isn’t a hotel too far away.  Just make sure to bring the proper clothing, gear and be prepared to have a great time!