6 Important Reasons on Why Employee Engagement Matters

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Employee engagement is a trending topic in today’s business community. Organizations are continually on the hunt for ways to keep their employees happy, healthy, and productive. A recent study found that over 80 percent of organizational leaders claim employee engagement is a top priority, but less than 20 percent report having a strategy for creating this differentiated experience. If you are a business owner or executive in this boat, here are a few important reasons why employee engagement should matter to your and your business:

Reduced Turnover
Obviously, when your employees are engaged in their work they are less likely to pursue a new gig. With increased loyalty you’ll uncover significant cost savings. In fact, a recent study found that losing an employee can cost almost twice the person’s annual salary. After-all, it costs time and money to recruit, train, and pay a new employee.

Increased Productivity
An engaged employee is also more likely to be productive. Engaged employees enjoy their work, understand their goals, and have the tools to tackle them. With these facts at hand, engaged employees are bound to be highly productive.

Better Communication
Engaged employees are also more likely to ask questions, collaborate with their peers, and communicate information. Strong communication is the foundation of a high functioning organization, so it’s only logical that the two go hand in hand.

Ability to Attract Top Talent
When your employees are happy, they’ll tell people! Engaged employees are more likely to promote the organization, talk about it in a positive way, or give the organization credit or publicity in their private lives. Word spreads quickly and as your company gains a reputation as a great place to work, you’ll discover your organization is a magnet for top talent.

A Sense of Community
Engaged employees are more likely to enjoy time spent with their colleagues. This creates a sense of community and camaraderie that makes work feel like home. Your employees will look forward to coming to work and will feel appreciated and accomplished when surrounded by a team that cares.

Generation of New Ideas
Lastly, engaged employees are more likely to feel comfortable sharing new ideas. In an engaged workplace, employees are encouraged to innovate, share, and collaborate. This freedom to explore can reap huge rewards for your company as employees find ways to improve processes, identify new markets, or enhance the work they do. This attitude of constant improvement is sure to reap rewards.

These are just a few of the many reasons employee engagement is crucial for a successful organization. Your people are your best assets. Why not give them an environment where they can thrive?