6 Items Every Avid Craft Hobbyist Should Own

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So, you have decided to try your hand at crafting, but wondering how to get started. There is a treasure trove of wonderful, inspiring ideas available online, at the craft store, and in magazines. One thing they all have in common is the need for tools, so here are some tips about basic tools to have on hand.


Having good scissors on hand is a great place to start. You will need several pairs, each designated for a specific use. Fabric shears need to have sharp blades to cut cleanly. Paper cutting tends to dull the blades, so have a separate pair of scissors just for this purpose. Having a third pair of utility shears for cutting soft materials such as plastics and thin metals should round out these types of tools nicely.


There are so many types of glues on the market that it may seem overwhelming. The basic glues to have on hand should include a white paper glue, glue sticks with a glue gun (they come hot and cool, so check what you need for your project), super glue, and a silicone gel. The project you choose should instruct on what type of glue is appropriate to use to be successful.


Once again, to make sure you have what you need, there are several types of pliers that need to be handy while working on your project. Jewelry size pliers can come in a kit or you can buy them separately. Widely used are needle nose pliers, wire cutters, and pincers. Having rubber grips on the handles is a big plus.

Paint Brushes

There is no need to buy fine expensive paint brushes for a craft project but you still want good quality that will not shed the bristles when you are using them. Both round and flat head style will come in handy as will various sizes of heads. Soft nylon bristles give a good result while being easy to clean.


Tweezers allow you to be able to pick up and manipulate very small items. Having a few different sizes and types on hand can make the project go easier and faster. There are tweezers on the market that look like scissors, but with a flat head. Some tweezers have a magnifying lens attached. Medical equipment such as hemostats serves as a type of tweezers and as a clamp.


A wide variety of colored markers are a must-have in your arsenal of craft tools. Be sure to include metallic markers in this selection. Their use is endless from labeling to repairs. Permanent markers give an opaque bold line, whereas washable markers give a softer look.