6 Reasons to Move in the Winter


The best time to move is by far the winter months when rents are cheaper, and the rent concessions are more significant. There are many other reasons why moving in winter months makes more sense than in the summer. Here are the top 6 reasons why moving in the winter is smarter than doing so during other points of the year.

1) Lower Overall Rent Amounts: Home and apartments tend to have higher prices when they are entered into during the summer months. This is because the supply and demand of homes and apartments becomes out of whack with many people seeking to move during the summer months, namely to use their summer vacations to move or to not disrupt their children during a school year. This leads to the rise in prices of homes and apartments and increases the costs. Moving during winter months is cheaper and can save significant amounts.

2) Better Rent Concessions: In accordance with lower rents, many landlords will entice buyers with better incentives and rent concessions such as free months of rent, waiving broker fees, and other perks. These are offered simply to fill empty apartment space. By moving during winter months you get more for less.

3) Less Traffic and Issues: During busy summer months the number of people moving is a big distraction. Other tenants in buildings complain and you may be forced to move on certain weekdays. Winter allows you to avoid these problems and have an easier move overall.


Plus, it should be easier to find a moving company for the date that you would want to move. The summer months right before school starts is their busiest time – so winter is perfect.

4) Home and Apartment Problems are Exposed in the Winter: Winter tends to be the harshest month in terms of weather for most of the year. While each season can put pressure on the construction of a home, the stresses from Winter months are more significant than other months. If you inspect a home during the harsher winter months you can likely locate problems that are easier to fix before you move in. You can often reduce your home purchase price when you find these problems before you move in and winter months provide you with the greatest opportunity to spot these issues earlier and address them then.

5) Getting Construction Work Done: When you move into a home or apartment you may need to have work done on your home before you move in. Many people want to enjoy their time in their new home and not focus on home renovations during summer months when the weather is more enjoyable. Winter is more of a season for working and getting things done. In addition, many contractors are cheaper to use during the winter months when there is less of a demand for contractors.

6) Better Care from a Realtor: Realtors are less busy during winter months too. They can better rent an apartment or sell a home and will offer more personalized attention during the non peak hours and work with you to help you with your business.

Moving during winter months is more desirable than you might think. Keep in mind the aforementioned benefits and consider a winter move if you are able to.