6 Things You Didn’t Know About Physical Therapy


Physical therapists play a large role in helping individuals who’ve undergone surgery or suffered a significant loss in mobility. When a person experiences even moderate mobility loss, a physical therapist is the first person to call. The average person might know a few things about physical therapy, but there are at least six facts that most people don’t know about this type of therapy.

Physical Therapy Doesn’t Require Doctor Approval

In many states, it’s possible to see a physical therapist without ever getting approval from a doctor. The states that allow this to happen have something called Direct Access.

Since the field of physical therapy is rapidly expanding, many states are starting to move towards Direct Access, which lets you see a physical therapist without doctor approval. Unfortunately, some states still require a doctor’s prescription for the therapy.

Your Physical Therapist Might Have an Advanced Degree

Most people don’t know that many physical therapists hold an advanced degree. To get a license and treat patients, physical therapists are actually forced to pass a medical board exam.

Since much advancement has been made in the field of physical therapy, therapists must constantly learn new techniques and best practices.

Physical Therapy Has Many Classifications

The field of physical therapy is vast, and there are several different areas of expertise that therapists can specialize in. Most people think physical therapy is nothing more than helping patients treat painful ailments, but there are many other classifications within the field.

For example, some physical therapists specialize in acute care, orthopedic care, wound care or pulmonary rehabilitation.

Physical Therapists Can Work Anywhere

Most people don’t realize that physical therapists don’t have a specific workplace because they’re very flexible. It’s quite common to find these experts working in nursing homes, homes, private clinics and hospitals.

Physical Therapy Can Treat Vertigo

Many individuals suffer from vertigo, and after the initial discovery of the symptoms, flock to a general physician. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the patient might be send to a physical therapist or neurologist. Most people don’t know that physical therapy can work well for the treatment of vertigo.

Physical Therapy Needs Home Exercise

Something else that most people don’t know about physical therapy is that it requires home exercise. There is a good reason why physical therapists create home exercise plans for their patients.

Patients who don’t follow the home exercise plan will find that physical therapy doesn’t work very well for them. The best way to make sure physical therapy works for you is to combine your visits with the therapist with a custom home exercise plan. These are six things you probably didn’t know about physical therapy.