6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floral Arrangement


A beautifully crafted floral arrangement can completely alter the feel of a room. In the hands of a talented florist, a few flowers can be transformed into something truly remarkable. Trying your hand at creating floral arragements? Keep the following tips in mind:

1. Pick a Theme

While all floral arrangements start with the type of flowers used, you should always have a certain theme in mind. Decide the theme for your arrangement by going off of the type of event you are designing them for. Think about the decor in the area your flowers will be placed. Be sure that your arrangement goes well with the theme of the room or event so that the florals don’t clash with the decorations.

2. Choose the Height

Certain flowers work well in tall arrangements while others should be cut into a shorter bouquet. Decide on the perfect height of your arrangement by considering where the flowers will go. Taller arrangements tend to look better in rooms with higher ceilings and lower tables. Shorter displays are best for dining tables and the like.

3. Choose the Vase

No arrangement is complete without the right vase. The wrong vase can detract from the beauty of the arrangement, so keep this in mind. The simplest vases will draw attention to the flowers while a particularly unique vase will serve as the focal point, with the floral arrangement acting as accents to the vase.

4. Choose Your Color Palette

When considering the color palette, you’ll need to think about the decor, the vase, and the time of year. All of these factors will help to inform what colors you should choose. For example, during a springtime event, you’ll likely want to go with a pastel arrangement that goes well with the decor in the room and the shape and color of your vase.

5. Pick the Flowers

When it’s time to decide which flowers to use for your floral arrangement, you must first consider the kind of flowers that are available during the time of year. With natural flowers, your selection will be limited. Otherwise, you can special order certain flowers or even use artificial ones.

6. Decide on the Accents

While the flowers and vase are an important part of the floral arrangement, the arrangement won’t be complete without the right accents. Accents help to pull the piece together, making the arrangement look wonderfully unique. Consider accents like acorns, candies, ribbons, berries, and anything else that makes your flowers look well put together.

Floral arrangements are much more than a handful of your favorite flowers. Use these tips to put together your next floral arrangement. The right flowers, accents, and a bit of creativity are all you need to make your flowers stand out.