6 Tips for Finding The Right Private School for Your Child


Choosing a school for your child is an important decision you have to make as a parent. You need to ensure that the school your child attends offers great services and can provide her with the right platform to pursue academic excellence and personal success. Here are a few tips you can apply to help you get the right school for your child.

Consider the Student-Teacher Relationship.

It is important you look at the connection between the teachers and students in the school. Your child will be spending most part of her day with the teacher, meaning there must be a stable and cordial relationship between them. This way, your child can share her problems freely with the teacher and ask questions whenever the need arises. A good teacher is one who nurtures a strong relationship with his students to enable them to learn more effectively.

School Location

It is advisable you choose a school that is close to the place where you live. This will enable the child to walk or commute comfortably to and from the school. An ideal location not only improves the comfort level of the child, but it also enhances her safety.

Decide What is Best for the Entire Family 

Whenever you choose a school for your child, it is advisable to consider how your decision will impact the entire family. Will you have to relocate? And if you relocate, will other members of the family like it? How much is the school fees, and will you have to forego other essential expenses to meet the fees? You need to make sure your decision does not create disharmony in the family.

Be Realistic.

Many people get excited when their children get admissions to top-performing schools in the country. While a top-performing school will boost your child’s academic performance, she might not have the chance to develop as a well-rounded person. Choose a school that focuses on other areas development in addition to academics. These may include music, personal development, language and sports. This way, your child can acquire all the skills she needs to tackle different challenges in life.

Create a List

Come up with a list of the things you want in a school your child attends. Common items you should look for include friendly teachers and staff, rigorous curriculum, vibrant teacher-parent association and busy children.

Visit the School

If you find a school you think meets the qualifications of a good school, it is wise you pay them a visit. Check the classrooms to see if they are conducive enough and talk to the faculty and staff. Visit the principal, teachers and other parents and have a quick chat with them about the school.