6 Tips For Selecting The Best Kind Of Shrub For Your Home

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Selecting the best shrubs for your home can be an easy choice for you. Shrubs should be chosen for low maintenance as well as being temperament to colder weather. Picking the right shrub depends a lot on where in the yard it is to be planted and the type of covering that you want.

Foundation Shrubs 

These types of shrubs are usually the kind planted in front of the house which makes it more attractive to passing traffic and visitors. Sometimes they are trimmed into geometrical shapes while other times cut flat across the top. Most shrubs planted here are the evergreen type, which stays green year round.

Shrubbery for Hedge Rows 

If you are looking to create a type of natural fence or barrier, a hedge row works great for this purpose. They can serve as a type of fence between yards or even as a windbreak to help keep cold winds from entering your home. These also are generally a type of evergreen shrub, instead of cutting them short, they are not trimmed until they are taller.

Garden Shrubs 

If you are looking for shrubs to beautify your garden area during early spring and late autumn, hardy flowering shrubs are a great choice to make. The Carolina Allspice, Bluebeard Shrub, Butterfly Bush, and even some kinds of roses make good ornamental shrubs to border around a garden area. Flowering shrubs will beautify garden areas and even around the sides and back of the house.

Sunshine Shrubs

If you want to plant shrubbery that grows well in areas that get an abundant amount of sunshine, you also have a number of choices that you can make here. These shrubs are resistant to disease and many different types of pests. The Firefly Diervilla is sturdy and has a bonus of attracting hummingbirds. The Peach Lemonade rose is a hardy plant that blooms in two different colors, sometimes both color flowers are on the shrub at one time.

Shrubs Made for the Shade 

When you are looking for shrubs fit for shady areas, there are several to pick from. The Leatherleaf Arrowwood has leaves that stay on all year and can thrive in full shade. The Mahonia also loves the shade and has a bonus of producing edible berries.

In the Rocks 

If you are plagued by rocky soil, you still have a selection of hardy shrubs to chose from. The Juniper is a beautiful blueish green color that will be with you year round. Sumac is another shrub that thrives in the rocks.

By planning carefully and planting according to your soil and weather conditions, you will end up with beautiful shrubbery year round.