6 Ways Cigars are Better than Cigarettes

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Cigars and cigarettes both contain tobacco, but that does not mean they offer a similar experience. The fact is that the two are very different. Cigars offer quite a few advantages over cigarettes for people who want to take the time to enjoy them.

Tobacco Quality

Tobacco’s quality varies from plant to plant and based on how it is handled. Most cigarettes use relatively poor tobacco, whereas cigars rely on using the best that they can because it is the only ingredient.

Unique Construction

The best cigars are made by skilled workers who rely on traditional techniques. The process is fairly complicated and has a lot of room for local variation. That gives them an artisanal quality that is unknown in cigarettes.

Varied Flavors

Cigars are composed of several types of tobacco and manufacturers can choose from many different options for each component. That allows cigars to have a range of flavor profiles. Most people can find one that they enjoy and those who want to try something new will always be able to find it.

Cultural Value

Cigars are a traditional luxury in most parts of the world that can grow tobacco. They go back for centuries and offer a real connection to the culture and its history. Smoking a cigar offers a chance to experience a little piece of that culture in a way that is far more intimate and memorable than simply reading about it in a book. Cigar smokers who travel will often get the chance to try out fresh cigars near their point of origin.

A Longer Experience

Cigarettes are quick to smoke, while cigars are meant to be enjoyed over a long period of time. Some people enjoy taking the time to smoke on its own, but others take advantage of the fact that a cigar offers plenty of time to chat or play a game. They work well when paired with social events because a cigar or two can last for the entire occasion.


Cigars have been a symbol of class for decades. They have a long association with respectable people in films and other media, and that association has rubbed off on them. People respect cigars as an indulgence and a part of culture far more than they respect cigarettes. That makes them a great choice for people who dislike the stigma that goes with cigarettes.

Cigars offer a distinct experience in a way that cigarettes do not. It is like the difference between eating at a restaurant and doing a quick run to a fast food joint. Learning to appreciate the differences between the two can open up a whole new world of options and experiences.