6 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen

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Updating your kitchen might be a project that you’ve had on your mind for a few years. It’s a big project, and you want to see major results by the time that you’re done. If you’ve been thinking about giving your kitchen a major overhaul, you need to come up with the best projects that will make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your kitchen, and here are six of the ones that will make the greatest impact.

1. Refinish Your Cabinets
Many people want to buy new cabinets, but if it’s not in your budget, refinishing them can still make a major impact. If you have a small kitchen with outdated, dark cabinets, consider stripping them and putting on a fresh coat of light-colored stain. Otherwise, you also have the option of painting them. It’s a big project, but it’s possible to do it on you’re own. You can paint them all one color, but another option is to do half of them in one shade and the other half in another color. For instance, you can paint all of the bottom ones tan and all of the top ones white.

2. Buy New Countertops
Aside from flooring and cabinets, countertops are one of the largest surfaces in the kitchen. You can choose one of the popular materials, such as granite or marble, but there’s a vast selection that you might not have thought about. Butcher block adds a warm touch, but you might also enjoy the durability and clean aesthetic of stainless steel.

3. Install New Flooring
If your floors have a harvest gold linoleum flower pattern, it might be time to give this part of your kitchen a facelift. You can choose classic materials, such as wood or tile, but there are also many new products on the market. For instance, why not try laminate tiles that have the appearance of stone?

4. Create Flair With a New Backsplash
There are so many beautiful backsplash materials that you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. Glass and ceramic tile can add a pop of color, and marble can add luxury.

5. Update the Curtains
If your curtains are dated or dingy, getting some new window coverings is a great way to update your kitchen. You can choose valances if you don’t need the privacy of full curtains. Otherwise, shades are another popular option.

6. Display Your Dishware
Many people have beautiful dishes that they don’t use very often. Most of the time, these dishes sit in the cabinets, but if you display them, you’ll be able to enjoy them whether you’re eating off of them or not. A shelf is one option that some people use. Otherwise, you can also have cabinets without doors, which is a chic trend.

When you’re looking for some high-impact ways to spruce up your kitchen, there are plenty of options that use high-quality materials. But plenty of options that are less expensive but mimic the real thing have also come onto the market in recent years. Make a plan for all of the updates that you’ve been dreaming of by coming up with a budget and hiring contractors.