7 Essential Items Every Office Needs


To achieve success, many businesses require an office. The items that are added to the office are just as important. For optimal employee productivity, it’s important for employees to have the correct tools at their disposal.

Modern office equipment can have a dramatic impact on employee productivity, so it’s important to choose office supplies wisely. There are seven essential items that every office needs.

Copy Machine

Although most people are used to using copy machines, it wasn’t always easy to copy a document. In the past, the only way to make a copy of a document was to copy it by hand.

Depending on the complexity of the document, it might’ve been necessary to hire a special office clerk to handle the copying. Today, a color copy machine is an essential item for every office because the need to make copies of documents is great.


Every office should have a printer. If there is a computer in the office, then there should be a printer. A printer is important because it’s used to make hard copies of digital files. Printers are used to make copies of letters, flyers, packing slips and invoices.


Another essential item is the scanner. The modern scanner was made to replace fax machines. Scanners make it easy to make several copies of any type of document. Instead of converting digital documents to hard copies, a scanner converts hard copies to digital documents.

Laminating Machine

Although not every business will use a laminating machine often, it’s still an essential item to have in the office. A modern laminator might be used to preserve photos, produce ID badges, create business cards and reinforce pages. Laminating machines are used very frequently inside public schools because there are endless documents that need to be laminated.

Label Maker

Another essential office item is the label maker. The modern label maker is similar to a laminating machine, but it’s used to create labels, which can be used to better organize office documents. In most cases, there is no such thing as too many labels.

Paper Shredder

The paper shredder has come a long way, and today, a modern shredder can shred through hundreds of papers at a time. A paper shredder is important because it’s used to shred sensitive documents, and there will always be times when discarded documents must be shredded.


A modern office wouldn’t be complete without a computer. A large percentage of business operations are handled using a computer, so an office without a computer isn’t a true office. These are seven essential items that every office need. With these items in place, employees are encouraged to be much more productive.