7 Simple Tips for Involving Your Children in the Moving Process

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Getting your house packed up is a challenge. If you have children, the idea of moving may also cause fear. To protect your kids from worry as you pack up your home, consider the 7 tips listed below.

1) Provide Photos Of The New House

Make sure the kids know where they’re going. Show them pictures of the new house and of their rooms. Help them become aware of the positive aspects of the move.

2) Allow Them To Hang On To The Familiar

Your child may be leaving the only home they’ve known. To reduce anxiety, make sure they have access to familiar things, such as their bedroom furniture, in their new space.

3) Hire The Fun Babysitter

If your children are too small to help with moving, hire the fun babysitter to keep them occupied and get everyone else out of the house. This will give you time to work and help your kids get excited about the move.

4) Kids Can Help De-Clutter

You can reduce your moving stress by de-cluttering before you move. Have older kids check dates on things in the refrigerator and pantry.

5) Little Kids Love Stickers

Set up a color-coding system for the boxes. Invest in multiple colors of tape and separate out items for easy unpacking. If bedrooms are green, little children can add green tape to boxes from the bedroom while you mark them with the right numbers. This way, movers know where boxes go and your little ones can join in.

6) Donate

Encourage children to go through their clothing so you can get rid of things that they are far too grown-up to wear. Set up three sorting containers to make this easier. A black trash bag can serve for items that need to be thrown away, a white trash bag will work for donations, and everything that needs to be moved goes into a box. Toy donations may be done by older children, but little kids might struggle with this process.

7) Have A Camp-Out!

Once everything is packed up, spread out blankets on the living room floor, order some pizza and have a camp-out. You can celebrate your old house, talk about the fun you’ll create in your new home, and enjoy some cuddle time before bed.

Moving isn’t easy but you can make it fun with the tips listed above. If you’ve got professional movers coming to help box or load, consider getting out of the house with your children. The loading process will go easier and be much safer with little ones out of the house.