8 Tips On Storing Christmas Decorations

Christmas time is one that most people go all out for when they decorate. Even many Christmas songs highlight that Christmas time involved a lot of decorating with trees, mistletoe, bells, and stockings. Here are eight helpful tips for storing your Christmas decorations when they aren’t in use.

Compartmentalized Ornament Storage Boxes
Getting an ornament storage box with compartments can help you store your ornaments safely by giving each ornament its own individual compartment in the box. These storage boxes also help to protect ornaments from fading with ultraviolet ray protection and acid-free storing containers. Usually, these types of boxes can store up to 28 ornaments.

Christmas Light Keeper Storage Box
If you have a problem with Christmas strands of lights getting turned into Christmas balls of light, then a Christmas light keeper storage box might be the best option for your problem. These types of boxes have a Christmas light strand winder inside of them with a spool light area within them for your Christmas lights to be safely stored. Then the bag itself can be zipped shut to keep the lights from getting damaged.

Wreath Storage Bag
A wreath storage bag is perfectly wreath shaped to store your artificial wreath safely and without accumulating a lot of dust and dirt inside of it. The wreath bag is clear so you can see what’s inside of it easily if you are looking around the area of your home that you are storing Christmas decorations. A wreath storage bag can also be used to store garlands inside of it.

Artificial Tree Bag
If you have an artificial Christmas tree that you have been storing inside of the original cardboard box that it came in, you may want to upgrade to an artificial Christmas tree bag. This method of storage will keep your tree further protected and safe inside of a bag instead of a ripped old cardboard box being held together with tape.

Clear Square Hinged Boxes
Some clear square hinged boxes might be something to invest in if you have a lot of decorations and wrapping stuff. These boxes allow you to easily store ornaments, ribbons, and smaller sized Christmas decorations in a safe and visually easy to see manner.

Light Winder
For outdoor Christmas lights, you might want to get a light winder for storing purposes. A light winder will help you avoid making a tangled mess out of your Christmas lights and permit you to easily put up and take down your outdoor Christmas light display.

Snap and Stack Holiday Boxes
Snap and stack holiday boxes allow you to easily snap boxes together of your smaller Christmas decorations. They’ll be easier to store and easier to access this way. You can also customize each box to fit your small Christmas decorations inside of them.

Wreath Storage Box
Wreath storage boxes that are made of durable materials or of thicker cardboard are perfect for keeping your Christmas wreath somewhere safe and sound until you need it during the holiday season.

The best method for storing things is to stick to options that will keep your decorations safe and clean and will be easier to access and put away when you need them and when you need to put them away. With Christmas right around the corner, you should keep these storage ideas in mind when you are looking at new Christmas decorations and considering how best to put everything away when the Christmas season is over.


Once you pack your decorations away, there are plenty of places that you can store these boxes and bags. A lot of people will store their packed decorations in their home garage or attic. If you don’t have enough space in your home another popular option is to rent a storage unit – whether portable or permanent.