Back to School FUNdraising Ideas!

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School is officially back in session, the kids are learning; the parents are cheering, and the school is ready to plan their annual fundraisers. Schools use the proceeds from fundraisers for important equipment, learning materials, programs, field trips, and student incentives. Fundraisers play a major contributing role in these purchases because of limited school budgets that have all the funds already allocated to essential staff, supplies, and curriculum. The same old tired fundraisers do not get the same level of appeal from students and their families because they have seen them countless times. New fundraisers can breathe new life into an organization and have can enhance donations based on their exciting new appeal.

Color Runs

Use similar color run 5K races as an inspiration to create this fundraiser. They can draw large crowds and donations because the event is visually appealing. Student can get pledges for each lap they run or a one-time donation. Hype up the race up by selling t-shirts, holding a pep rally, and allowing families to come to watch the event. Upbeat music can create an invigorating mood for the run. As the students run each lap, they get colored power on them which is so fun for them. At the end of the race, the kids are all covered head-to-toe in bright colors making for memorable photo opportunities.

Food Truck Movie Night

Enlist the help of local food trucks that would like to meet new customers and help a worthy cause. Charge each truck a flat fee to take part and they can keep all of their profits. Pair the dining options with a free movie in the cafeteria, gym, or outdoors for a fun event. The school can sell small concessions like popcorn, candy, and drinks along with a raffle to bring in more funds.

Holiday Gift Wrapping

Parents are busy. Give them one less thing to do during the holidays by offering gift-wrapping services. Older students, clubs, teams, or the PTA can put their creative skills to work and support their school. Asking for a flat fee based on the size of each gift is a better way to guarantee a profit than to risk a donation-only plan that people might take advantage of.

Schools need the support of the parents to give their children the best educational experience. Fundraisers are the main source of income for special school purchases. Old fundraisers that have been done repetitively do not bring in the same amount of donations that they once did because people become bored with them. Changing up different fundraisers each year to something more fun for students is a better option with a higher donation potential.