DOT Regulations Truckers Need to Know


Trucking is extremely supervised industry. Receiving a license from the transport department the highway awaits. Eventually your long waited path to success and prosperity as truck operator has finally dawn. However, failure to comply with the DOT regulation, your life is on a slight edge or a dead point. Violation of rules may lead to your suspension, license revoked or worse death as a result.


Adhering to the rules may exempt you from heavy penalties that may cause your entire career. Ensure that you are a qualified driver through meeting the state requirement even though these regulations are solid. A tucker is required to have a driving license. Along with that he/she should have a clean driving card. Heavy truck drivers should have a commercial driver’s license.


More also, trucks that carry hazardous materials, the drivers are obligated to have CDL. Ideally, a standard driving license credential fits for light truck and vehicles. Before deciding to explore your dreams as a truck driver, it is vital to undergo medical check which is usually done after every two years. The federal government specifies that a truck driver must be twenty-one years and above.


Most importantly drivers need to have sharp eyesight, technically seventy-degree vision. Additional, he or she should have a good hearing ability. It’s unfortunate for colorblind; they cannot acquire the commercial driver’s license. Drivers are charged with felony by the federal government when convicted driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. The misconduct denies the driver a golden opportunity for applying for CDL.


The department of transport authority requires the entire driver to be able to read and speak in English. He/ she should be intelligent enough to communicate with traffic police precisely and able to prepare a report. Truckers must have an extensive understanding of roads signs and should strictly adhere. Besides, one must pass the exam issued by the United States Department of transportation.


Federal motor carrier safety association enforces tucks should have a DOT number. A company involving in transportation business is mandated to register with FMCSA. Above that, if the truck is involved in the transportation of dangerous material that needs a safety permit must register for DOT. The number helps when inspecting the company, during the audit and investigating an accident


Additional, truckers are mandated to adhere to hours of service regulation. FMCSA enforces this policy to ensure the truckers get enough sleeping. Lack of enough sleep leads to drowsiness and may lead to an accident.


To be on safe side, abiding to depart of transportation authority regulations as stipulated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may exempt you from unnecessary penalties that may cause your entire career. Why risk suspension? Reviewing the FMCSA website will keep you updated.