Everything You Need to Know About Dog Bite Lawsuits


When a dog bites a person, it is a very difficult situation for the victim as well as the dog owner. Each year millions of people in the United States are bitten by dogs. Many of these incidents can cause people to experience emotional trauma as well as physical harm. It is possible the dog bite victim could sue the dog owner for damages. They could seek compensation for things like medical expenses and more. It is also possible the dog owner was not at fault for the incident.

Identified Risk 
It is possible a dog owner won’t be held responsible if it is proven the dog bite victim knew there was a risk of injury from the dog. If a dog owner places a prominent sign on their property stating Beware of Dog, and the dog bite victim comes onto the property uninvited, the dog owner may not be held responsible. It could also be the case if a dog causes harm to individuals who work with animals. This could include kennel operators, veterinarians, pet sitters and more. The reason is the risk of being bitten by a dog is part of their job.

Dog Owner Responsible 
A dog owner should always be in control of their pet. They will be responsible if their dog hurts someone by chasing them, knocking them over as well as biting them. Toddlers are often bitten by dogs. At this age, they will often hug a strange dog as well as pull on their tails, pat them hard and more.

Dog Provoked 
If it is possible for a dog owner to prove a dog bit victim provoked their dog, they may not be held responsible. This could involve someone teasing a dog, hitting it, taking the dog’s food and more.

Should someone experience a dog bite when trespassing onto a person’s property, they may not be able to sue for negligence. This will be based on determining if the dog’s owner acted reasonably under the circumstances. A trespasser may have a case if there was no indication the property was private and no warning about a dog.

This will apply if a dog owners actions are not considered reasonable. This could be the case the owner lets their dog move around in an area where it will encounter people and is unleashed. It could also be the case if a dog owner has a fence not strong enough to contain their pet in a specific area and more.

When a person is bitten by a dog, they often feel entitled to compensation for their mental pain and suffering as well as any emotional or physical damage. It is important to realize this is considered a personal injury case. This means a person filing the lawsuit will have the burden of proof. They will have to show the dog owner was negligent, a dog had a history of biting people and more. It is always important to determine if a lawsuit is worth the effort.