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How to Increase Sales at Your Restaurant

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Let’s go over how to increase your restaurant’s sales through traditional marketing techniques before we dive into the digital realm. In order to get a grasp of the best ways that restaurants are marketing to customers through digital means, you should reference the advice of other successful business professionals. In a recent article from Forbes, […]

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6 Ways Cigars are Better than Cigarettes

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Cigars and cigarettes both contain tobacco, but that does not mean they offer a similar experience. The fact is that the two are very different. Cigars offer quite a few advantages over cigarettes for people who want to take the time to enjoy them. Tobacco Quality Tobacco’s quality varies from plant to plant and based […]

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5 Reasons it’s Important to Experience Other Cultures

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In our increasingly globalized and complexly interconnected world, it’s more important than ever for us to reach outside our sphere of influence and tap into the world-wide network. Our world is not just comprised of ourselves and our local context; there are thousands of communities just like ours, with different traditions, languages, businesses and customs, […]

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Does Blue Light From Computer Screens Actually Hurt Your Eyes?

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Most people know that sunlight is comprised of visible light rays as well as invisible ultraviolet rays that can cause sunburn. However, many don’t realize that the visible light of the sun is comprised of a range of rainbow-colored light frequencies. These various colors of light emit different levels of energy. Sunlight contains all the […]

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