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3 Bad Oral Hygiene Habits to Break


With all of the information out there about dental hygiene, most people should understand the importance of developing good habits for oral hygiene. Good habits will keep your teeth clean and healthy, but unfortunately, it can go both ways, so you should do everything in your power to avoid poor oral hygiene habits. If you’ve […]

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8 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund


Even though financial experts recommend setting your tax withholdings so that you don’t get an income tax refund, many people continue to overpay and receive money back. What to do with that found money? Here are eight smart ways to spend your tax refund. Pay off debt Applying your tax refund toward credit card or […]

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4 Landscaping Design Trends to Grow in 2016


Landscaping can be an overwhelming task. Need some inspiration for what to plant, build and rearrange around your lawn and garden? Check out these4 landscaping design trends to grow in 2016. 1. Water-Conscious Gardens Landscapers and gardeners in the Southwestern USA and other parts of the country have been contending with extreme drought conditions. This […]

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3 Reasons You Should Floss Daily


You may hate doing it, but flossing is one of the most important day to day dental activities that you can perform. You save yourself a great deal of trouble when you floss daily. Here are three top reasons why. – You reduce the pain that you face at the dentist. Although most dentists have […]

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