Five Great Ways to Use Lobster For Meals


We love lobster, but it can be a little boring to have it the same way every single time. Don’t get us wrong–lobster is perfectly delicious when boiled and served alongside a dish of butter, but why not be a little more adventurous? One problem that keeps people from experimenting with new lobster recipes is that they are spending a substantial amount of money to buy lobster and they don’t want to “disguise” the taste too much. While that’s understandable, even the famous food author Mark Bittman submitted this piece to theĀ New York Times about the versatility of lobster. According to CBS, this Summer’s warm climate could mean a boom in lobsters, so here are some recipes to break out of the melted butter routine.

1. Lobster BLTs

Here’s a recipe we definitely wouldn’t have thought of on our own, but it’s a delicious and decadent take on an old classic. Try this delicious recipe for Lobster BLTs, a sandwich we didn’t realize could be improved upon. We especially enjoyed the mayo/mustard spread with a hint of smoky paprika. Definitely not an everyday sandwich, but a nice treat when lobster is in your budget!

2. Lobster Eggs Benedict

Step your brunch game up to a whole new level with this delicious recipe for Lobster Eggs Benedict. To save some time, you can use precooked lobster tails in this recipe. The hollandaise sauce tastes wonderful with the lobster, and though we were initially skeptical about putting poached eggs and lobster in the same recipe, our doubts are all gone.

3. Shanghai Lobster

This recipe for Shanghai Lobster is a unique take on the shellfish, based on a recipe developed by Wolfgang Puck for his restaurant, Spago. The coconut milk gives it a very nice creaminess and sweetness. We’ve actually used the fried spinach garnish recipe in a few other recipes, we liked it so much.

4. Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Here’s a childhood favorite all grown up. We love any combination of shellfish and pasta, so this recipe was naturally a favorite. Be sure not to skimp on the cheese, buy the good stuff–you’re pairing it with lobster, after all. Since this one gets baked for so long, it’s also important that you don’t overcook the lobster meat.

5. Lobster Bisque

The simplest recipe on the list is also one of the best–lobster doesn’t need anything too fancy for its flavor to shine through. This dish is quite rich and delicious, especially if you use homemade chicken stock. This is one of the best recipes we’ve ever found forĀ Lobster Bisque.