Forklift Battery Service: 3 Simple Ways to Increase Battery Life

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Forklift batteries are very powerful although they do have limits. If you are not careful, then you could be prematurely destroying the batteries while you are working during the day. There are ways to ensure the battery lasts for as long as possible. Here are three simple ways to increase forklift battery life.

Do Not Plug the Battery In During Breaks or Lunches

A significant number of the 680,000 material moving machine operators in the country work with forklifts. It is a very common practice for many of those workers to plug in forklifts when taking a break or going to lunch. This is usually because the idea is to just top off the battery so that it does not fail or start losing power in the middle of the workday. The reality is that this could actually be shortening the life of the forklift battery. The thing to understand is that forklift batteries have a limited lifespan. That lifespan is based on the number of times it is charged and no other factors inside the battery. This means that the life of the battery shortens every time it is plugged in even if it is for just around 10 to 20 minutes.

Keep the Battery Above 20 Percent

If you want to maximize the life of a forklift battery, then keep your eye on the charge level at all times. You do not want to allow the battery to drop below 20 percent at any point. The 20 percent mark is usually when indicators move into the red area of a meter. The reason is that the battery is not really design to go that low. This is called a deep discharge. It causes the forklift to start to perform poorly. It makes connections and electronics get much hotter than normal. This can damage the battery and reduce the lifespan. Try to stop working and charge the battery whenever it gets near 80 percent discharge.

Keep the Water Topped Off At All Times

There are over 944,000 forklifts sold annually in the world all mostly using the same technology. This means a good number of forklift batteries contain water. You need to keep the water topped off at all times to extend the life of the battery. This is because the normal operation of the battery causes the water to divide into component elements and leave along the plates. If the water level drops too low, then the plates in the battery will be in contact with the air. This causes anything on the surface to fuse to the plates and damage them. You need to check the water level regularly and pour in distilled water if it is below where it should be.