How to Add In Your Own Unique Style on Your Wedding Day


Every year, more and more couples are opting to toss aside some of the outdated traditions associated with weddings. They’re adding in their own personality and style from the dresses to the venues. While 10 years ago, people might have rolled their eyes about their crazy cousin getting married in the middle of a barn in the woods, now that kind of wedding is more common.

Bridesmaid Dresses
You want your bridal party to be comfortable and happy. It’s a day to share with them as the closest people in your life, but purchasing bridesmaid dresses can be filled with frustration. There are now places where you can rent dresses like men rent tuxedos.

When you add your own unique style to a wedding, you’re often tossing aside outdated wedding ideas that don’t fit in with your plan of an ideal day. While bouquets might look beautiful as you’re walking down the aisle, they’re often useless after the procession. Here’s one idea of what to do with those bouquets instead.

A Memorable Walk
For those who are having the ceremony and reception within walking distance, you can give each guest a helium-filled balloon. As the line of balloons makes its way from ceremony to the reception venue, your photographer can capture stunning photographs. When everyone makes it to the venue, the balloons can be released, which is more opportunities for great photographs.

Creative Ways to Walk the Aisle
The traditional wedding involves walking down the aisle and exchanging vows in front of the officiant. You can shake this up in a way that makes sense and brings your personality as a couple into your ceremony. You might decide not to exchange vows at all. The walk down the aisle might involve dancing and an upbeat song. You can make a creative aisle runner with personal sayings or pictures that chronicle the relationship.

Hashtag It
If you’re a lover of all things social media, you can create your own hashtag for Twitter or Instagram for guests and loved ones to upload pictures, messages and songs. Later, you can download all these to an album that’ll be more memorable than the guestbook.

Choreographed Dancing
To break out of the traditional first dance, you can shake things up with a choreographed dance that will entertain and delight your guests. While the first dance of husband and wife can be slightly boring as you sway slowly on the dance floor together, a choreographed dance can be fun and funky. Even parents of the bride and groom can get involved. The dance doesn’t have to be complicated as long as it’s choreographed. It’s like a flash mob for your reception.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on floral arrangements, you can use paper decorations to create beautiful centerpieces, bunting and streamers. It’s an inexpensive way to decorate the space that’ll look creative and trendy.

The Reception Venue
One of the best ways to put your unique stamp on the wedding is to have it in an unusual place like a museum that means something to you as a couple. It could be an art, historic, air or space museum. Another unusual venue is a state park or botanical garden.