How To Find A Unique Design For A Baseball Cap

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Baseball season is right around the corner. Time to dust off that dusty cap and support your town’s athletes with pride and support. For some sticking to the vintage basics: Team Logo, a nice color way, and the right fit are a few things to consider aiming for when designing your own baseball cap.

What message are you trying to convey? For your hat to stand out among the pack you must consider what audience you’re reaching out to. Caps that spark controversy and ask questions were the trend in 2018. According to INC. “Good design matters, 3D animation has been a big hollywood trend for a while if you want to wow your audience and increase engagement, it’s important to understand the latest design trends and how customers are responding to them.” A real world touch to designs are going to be your bread and butter when seeking out a design that separates your cap from the next. Logos are embroidered onto hats, the stick count can reach up to almost 30,000 individualized stitches for one design. When the cap is produced with a computer that takes the design and attaches to front of the hat usually in the center for maximum exposure and accuracy. Consider reaching out to local artist about showing off their work. Hand drawn illustrations with a asymmetry in the design layout which is an unbalanced approach mixed with minimalist and simple flare will become more and more popular.

Designing the artwork yourself? Consider on print services and the embroidery that will come with your design: images, logos, or words. According to Forbes “Vivid color palettes using intense hues, such as hot pink, turquoise, ultraviolet purple, sunbeam yellow, and harvest orange, are becoming more commonplace. Gradient design, which was a hit in the 90’s, is a blend of two or more colors or two shades of the same color. Getting straight to the point can be the most effective way to convey your message as bright and bold colors come to the forefront this year.” What type of hat? Leather hats which has an all over leather look and feel. The torn scuffed looking hats are still very popular among seasoned fans. You also have the trucker hats with the mesh cut, with a snapback fit are also very popular which allows for a nice cool feel look great with an original design and urban snapback or fitted hats are still popular.

Always keep up with the latest trends. Go for bold and bright colors and be creative in your approach. Make sure to stand out but also understand you have a limited space for your message when wanting to impress onlookers and hat enthusiast.