How-to Hire a Contractor

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If you’re hiring a contractor for a project, you might think that there is no need to do any work yourself. While your contractor might be covering the finer details and execution of the project, you still need to put in some work. Namely, you need to have an action plan and find someone who is able to deliver the results in a professional and timely manner. These are four tips for how to hire a contractor.

1. Do your research

Thanks to the magic of the internet, there’s no excuse for not doing any research on contractors. With sites like Angie’s List, you can find exactly what you need. Look over reviews thoroughly and see what contractors should be considered for your project. They should have consistently strong reviews and a history with whatever assignment you have in mind. It also never hurts to ask around. If you have any friends or coworkers who have had work done around their homes, ask them to refer you to their contractor.

2. Be specific about the project

contractor can only give you what you want if you tell them what you want. If you’re vague about the assignment, they’re going to become frustrated and nobody is going to ened up satisfied. A good contractor is one who will ask as many questions as possible, and you should be prepared with answers. For instance, if you want to remodel your bathroom floor with tiles, you should be specific about the dimensions and colors that you desire.

3. Be clear about deadlines

If you know you need a project done by a certain time, you should not be hiring contractors with two-weeks notice. It’s not fair to them to have unrealistic expectations about when things should be completed. The expected length should be in line with the size of the project. A bathroom remodel might be able to get done in a few weeks, but a kitchen remodel can take upwards of a month.

4. Discuss your budget

Contractors can charge high rates, but it’s for a good reason. They work in a specialized field and are instrumental in influencing the value of a home. You need to be honest with yourself about your budget before you hire a contractor. Call for estimates, but don’t commit until you know that you can afford it.

Your time, home, and money are all valuable. You deserve to be given a contractor who will respect this and stay committed to providing you with first-rate service. You have every right to vet each candidate thoroughly and turn down anyone who does not seem capable of handling the responsibility of the task. When it is completed in a more than satisfactory manner, you’ll be glad you showed the discretion that you did.