How to Keep Your Bathroom Mirrors Looking Clean

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In cleaning mirrors, the endgame is to clean all the dirt off so it becomes useable. A streak-free shine is the ultimate compliment for mirrors. Sadly, many mirror-cleaning strategies begin with a damp paper towel or newspaper, then developing squeaky sounds and streaky results before ending with an air-dried mess. Achieve the streak-free shine by cleaning mirrors correctly.

The Materials
The streak-free shine is still paramount, but it comes down to the materials used and the hand motions chosen to clean the mirror. Toss out paper towels, toilet tissue, and newspapers as cleaning material and choose microfiber cloths and cotton towels instead. Either doesn’t spread lint across the mirror or spread grime across the mirror like its paper counterparts.

The Cleaning Solution
Window and glass cleaners are the cleaning solutions for mirrors in many households. It’s not a bad idea for cleaning, but due to the chemicals and smell, there’s a better solution to cleaning mirrors. Use a homemade cleaning solution from everyday household items. One cup of both vinegar and water (or add more water than vinegar) inside a spray bottle is an effective cleaner. Just shake and use.

Grab a separate cleaning solution to pre-treat the area. Stuck-on grime like grease, toothpaste, hairspray, and fingerprints need separate care. Without it, no mirror will achieve the streak-free shine. Grab isopropyl rubbing alcohol or the homemade cleaning solution. Pour the substance on a cotton ball, cotton pad, or newspaper and dab the item on top of the grime. Keep dabbing until the grime leaves. Streaks occur when these problem areas remain untreated.

The Technique
As far as cleaning techniques, it begins by spraying the cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth. Never spray cleaning solution on the mirror because the solution can drip underneath the mirror, damaging the mirror. Continue cleaning by making an ‘S’ movement top to bottom on the mirror several times. Zigzagging from top to bottom several times is also acceptable. Avoid cleaning in a circular motion because it spreads grime and deposits across the mirror instead of catching it and holding on to it. The motion also causes streaks. Let the mirror dry fully and wipe any imperfections off with a dry towel.

The mirror shows you the progress of oral health techniques and makeup application, among other things. This approach to cleaning mirrors will generate different results from the squeaky sounds and streaky results of old. In turn, mirror maintenance becomes easier once you get into the habit.