How to Prevent Tears in Your Sporting Nets


Sporting nets are important for many different types of games from soccer to volleyball. The last thing you want is to have nets that constantly keep tearing. This can be an expensive problem. You can do something about it. Here are some ways to prevent tears in your sporting nets.

Store and Use Away From Moisture and Water

The top five sports leagues in the country earn around $29.8 billion in revenue annually. Although those leagues play games in the rain, moisture is the enemy of sporting nets. You need to store and use the net away from moisture and water. Excessive moisture is going to weaken the net and make it more likely to break or come apart over time. You want it to be in a dry place. Hang it up to dry if it gets wet during a game before putting it in storage.

Keep the Nets Far From Vegetation

You need to be careful when handling and setting up your sporting nets. You want to keep them as far from vegetation around the field as possible. Be careful when you first bring the net out, when you place it on the field and when you take it down later. You want to have it several feet from any branches or woody plants. If the net stretches out and snags on a branch, then it could rip.

Ensure the Net Is Secure In the Frame before Using

If you are placing the net into a frame, then ensure that it is secured properly to all contact points before using it. You want to make sure that every latch or hook is connected to the net. This is going to help prevent tears. If a net is not secured to the frame correctly, then pressure will not be distributed evenly across the entire thing. This can mean that one area receives far more tension than the rest potentially causing it to break.

Inform Players to Avoid Touching the Net

Around 16 percent of people play sports who are above age 15. You want to inform your players to avoid touching the net. This can be important because some players might pull on the net in frustration between plays or attempt to dive headfirst into it when the maneuver is not necessary.

Never Allow Nets to Get Tangled or Knotted

If you are handling the net between games, then never allow it to get tangled or knotted. You need to be exceptionally careful when folding up or unfolding the net. Never just bunch the net up into a ball. You want to carefully fold it so that it does not become tangled. Additionally, you want to store that net far away from other sports equipment to prevent sharp edges from cutting into it.