How to Take Care of Your Shrubs

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Shrubs make a great addition to just about any type of landscaping. They provide greenery during the drab winter months, and they’re great for providing a little bit of privacy when they are planted in the right places. If you’re wondering how to take good care of shrubs, try these tips.

Choose the Right Shrubs

First, it’s important to choose the right shrubs for your yard. Determine the look that you want to go for; after all, there are lots of options, from evergreen shrubs to shrubs that grow colorful flowers. Also, make sure that you choose shrubs that will do well in your climate.

Plant Them in the Right Places

Pay attention to what is best for your shrubs when choosing planting places. Those that need full sun should not be planted in shady areas of your yard, for example. Also, think about where you can plant your shrubs so that they will be the most aesthetically pleasing.

Make Sure the Soil is Properly Prepared

Before planting shrubs, you should make sure that the soil is properly prepared. Adding a little bit of nutrient-rich soil is a good idea. This will help your shrubs settle in and grow well after they are planted.

Keep the Area Weed-Free

If there are a lot of weeds in the flowerbeds around your shrubs, then they can prevent your shrubs from getting the water and nutrients that they need from the soil. Plus, weeds can make your shrubs look unattractive. Use landscaping fabric to prevent weeds, and pull any weeds that might grow through the fabric to get rid of them.

Give Them Plenty of Water

It’s important to make sure that your shrubs get the water that they need so that they can grow and thrive. During rainy periods, you might not have to water your shrubs yourself. Using a soaker hose to keep the soil around your shrubs moist is essential during dry periods, though.

Prune Them When Needed

Pruning your shrubs is important. After all, it will help you keep them looking neat and tidy. Plus, it will help with keeping your shrubs healthy and green. Make sure that you use pruning shears carefully when pruning your shrubs. Also, make sure that you do it during the right time of year; early spring is a good time to do it if you want your shrubs to thrive well during the spring, or you will want to wait to prune until after your shrubs have bloomed for the season.

Taking good care of your shrubs is important. After all, you probably want to keep them healthy and attractive. Luckily, taking care of shrubs is not as hard as you might think, even if you don’t have much experience with plant care. The tips above can help you with taking good care of your shrubs. Plus, you can ask a landscaping professional for help if you need it.