Negotiation Tips That Get You The Deal

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Negotiation is an important life skill that we ought to possess. Our ability to negotiate well affects various parts of our lives. For instance, you negotiate jobs, salaries, resources, promotions, and business with clients. In today’s harsh business climate, negotiation can make a big difference between success and failure. With the benefits in mind, here are tips to ensure you close deals this year:


1. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want


The first hack is to understand that you can negotiate anything. Successful negotiators are assertive and can challenge anything. Never limit yourself because if you do, you will miss out a lot. Whether you are at the store, in a business meeting or at work, appreciate that you can talk your way out of every situation.


2. Take time to listen


People assume that negotiation is all about speaking non-stop to land the deal. However, this is not how successful negotiators win contracts. You must be willing to listen. Active listeners are excellent detectives and can quickly notice vulnerabilities. Encourage the other party to converse by asking open-ended questions.


3. Share information


Most people walk to the negotiation table, intending to hide their cards and not put them on the table until they are sure of a deal. While this may seem like a smart approach, it might attract a negative outcome because it inhibits trust. Reveal some information, even if it is not related to the matter at hand. It will set a positive tone that will favor the agreement.


4. Don’t be in a hurry


Patience is an essential virtue on any negotiation table. Although you want to get done with the whole business quickly, buying time might get you the offer. Also, when you are in a rush, the chances of making a mistake are quite high. If you are in a hurry, the other person might feel like you are under pressure to close the deal and they will offer you a terrible deal.


5. Counter offers make both parties satisfied


Every party wants to leave knowing that they got a good deal. The two negotiators will feel satisfied when there has been a back and forth. Therefore, never accept the first offer. Also, don’t counter too low because you want to ensure that the other party is satisfied for the sake of future dealings.


Despite the unbeatable benefits that negotiation has, many people lack the skill. If you are always missing out on deals, the negotiation tips above will be a game changer for you. It’s time you start winning contracts, getting promotions and saving money!