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5 Things to Remember When Filing for Divorce

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There are a variety of reasons for marriages to end in divorce, and according to some sources about half of marriages in the US do. Cheating, addiction, abuse, and simply growing apart are some of the main reasons couples decide to go their separate ways. Whatever the reason for the dissolution of the marriage, there […]

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Back to School FUNdraising Ideas!

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School is officially back in session, the kids are learning; the parents are cheering, and the school is ready to plan their annual fundraisers. Schools use the proceeds from fundraisers for important equipment, learning materials, programs, field trips, and student incentives. Fundraisers play a major contributing role in these purchases because of limited school budgets […]

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Does Every Kid Need a Trophy? Pros vs Cons of Celebrating Every Child

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“Trophy kids” is a common term used to describe millennials, raised in a time where participation awards and accolades were doled out frequently, often without merit or any due reason. Every parent believes their child is special, but should educators, sports coaches and other events award every child regardless of whether or not they’ve performed […]

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5 Ways to Retain Top Talent In Your Business

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The best employees often provide the contributions necessary to build up a great company. Business owners and top executives should never let their best performers slip away. Stunningly, the best workers may surprise everyone by putting in their two-week notice. They might not want to discuss anything regarding staying with the company. Unfortunately, managers don’t […]

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4 Inspiring Reasons to Become a Foster Parent

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Foster parents take on the unique and important responsibility of providing for foster children. While many people approach the idea of being a foster parent with hesitation, there are several things to consider if you’re thinking about becoming a foster parent. Read on for five reasons that will help you make your decision to be […]

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5 Tips for Safely Transporting Bulk Chemicals

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Hazardous chemicals such as flammables, explosives, oxidizers, and corrosives are now being used at homes. Lawn and house maintenance would not be possible without some of these chemicals. Backyard reaction would as well not be the same without them. However, the transportation of flammable and corrosive chemicals can sometimes be tricky. Taking precautions when transporting […]

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Vaping vs. Smoking: What You Need to Know

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The issue of vaping versus smoking is a difficult one for most individuals to consider as there have been very few comparisons between the two nicotine-based activities. The fact the majority of vapers are former smokers or current smokers who are struggling with the demands of limiting their smoking addiction. Vaping and smoking can have […]

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6 Ways to Prevent a Cyber Attack

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Cyber attacks happen more often than you might think, and they don’t just happen to big businesses. If you own a business, you need to be prepared for this eventuality. Below are six ways you can help to prevent a cyber attack. Be Aware The first step is to be aware of the existence of […]

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3 Surprising Facts About Car Superchargers

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Increasing power of a vehicle is a common desire among car fans. A supercharger is one option, with several choices and availability according to the vehicle. The supercharger is an air compressor which increases the density of the air and creates more oxygen, causing more fuel to burn, do more work and increasing power. With […]

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